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Summer Camp 2012 Diary

This year’s summer camp was a great success, filling up in less than 2 weeks and also having a waiting list. I had a feeling summer camp was going to be good! Although with the chance of an approaching typhoon ready to spoil the party, it was a little touch and go at first.  Thankfully though it wasn’t a problem and summer camp went ahead as scheduled.


DAY 1 – Thursday

After all the kids had arrived, we made groups.  This year’s English leaders were Jay, Tristan, Xina and Andre; Four different teachers from 3 different countries, America, Australia and Brazil.

After the groups had moved to their cabins and settled down, it was time for a quick snack.  Watermelon was the snack of choice, after eating we moved onto group introductions.  This year we had some fantastically colourful group name boards, along with some really inventive group names as well.

Everyone managed to introduce themselves, in English of course! So we moved onto playing our first game of the day.  The game was guess my flashcard; when the music stops find a partner and try to guess their flash card, apple, orange, banana or strawberry.  With a few rule changes from last year, the game this year was more risky; if you guessed wrongly you lost!

It was time to begin our evening meal preparation, so the groups counted out how many cups of rice they needed and headed up to the camp kitchen.  I (Tim) demonstrated how to cut each of the vegetables. The vegetables we would be chopping were potatoes, carrots and onions.  After the groups chopped everything up, and still having all their fingers intact; the vegetables were placed in the big cooking pot along with the  already cooking chopped chicken.

With the curry cooked it was time to feed all the hungry bellies.  Everyone tucked into the curry and rice.  It was delicious and many of the kids had a second helping.  Once each group had finished eating they all washed their own dishes and returned to their cabins for group time.

The day was nearly over but we had one last activity, Quiz night.  The atmosphere this year was competitive, and all the groups did very well.  Once quiz night was over, the kids returned back to their cabins to wash and go to bed…Tomorrow is a busy day!


DAY 2 – Friday

Everyone was up bright and early for the buffet breakfast.  On finishing breakfast each group got ready for the Treasure hunt, which turned out to be one of the favourite activities from last year’s camp.

This year’s treasure hunt seemed just as popular, with most of the groups finding the questions and answering them no problem.  After having a rest and having a well deserved drink, the groups headed off for lunch time.  The lunch menu was hotdogs and fruit, which everyone seemed to eat quickly.  This was probably due to dessert being ice cream…YUMMY!

After everyone had stuffed themselves with ice cream it was time to begin T-shirt making and free craft time.  I began with showing the kids the different patterns that they could make. This year’s colours of choice were Blue and Orange, some of the designs that the kids made were excellent.  Once finishing T-shirt making we moved onto free craft time.  The children could choose to make boomerangs, hemp bracelet, pom pom ball or pecky beak puppet.  The most popular crafts were pom poms and boomerangs this year.

With the day coming to an end and everyone getting a little tired it was time to relax and eat dinner.  That meant BBQ time!  With the sun setting and a few tired looking faces we all began to eat.  Summer camp was coming to an end, but before the day was over we had our last event which was our talent show ‘international night’.

This year’s international night was great!  Dragon groups show was very funny, and the kids did great in presenting it all in English.  We also had magic from the God group, and group Nine Piece and Tom & Jerry livened up the night with songs.  With international night nearly over we finished off with singing and dancing to the Hokey cokey.  All the groups returned back to their cabins and got ready for bed and a well deserved sleep.


Day 3 - Saturday

Saturday morning breakfast was very quiet, although there were smiles everywhere to be seen.  It was great to see how everyone had made new friendships in the space of 2 days; it’s a pity that soon everyone would be going home.

After tidying up breakfast and collecting their belongings from their cabins, the groups returned to the main hall to attend the closing ceremony.  All the kids received a certificate of participation and a big round of applause.  We then all got together and took a group photograph, and finished summer camp 2012 with a finishing chant of E-FRIENDS!!!

See you at international summer camp 2013!!!






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