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What is E-Friends?

E-friends Eigomura was launched in 2009 to improve international communication in Kamiamakusa city, Kumamoto ken, Kyushu, Japan.

E-friends Eigomura motto is “Let's have fun” we aim to introduce the citizens of Kamiamakusa old and young to the English language through activities, international talks and events.

We use our motto “Let's have fun” to break away from the confined teachings of the class room and make our classes a relaxed environment so people can think free without the pressure of thinking English. E-friends number one goal is all about communication!

上天草英語村E-Friends とは?

E-Friends は、熊本県の上天草市に所在し、国際交流を発展させる目的のもと2009年に始動しました。

E-Friends のモットーは「一緒に楽しむ」ということです。そして、様々な活動や国際的な話、イベントを通して、上天草市の子どもからお年寄りまで、たくさんの人々に、英語という言語を紹介していきたいと思っています。


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Halloween Party 2012

ハロウィーンパーティー 2012


On Saturday November 3rd we held our annual Halloween party.  I was really looking forward to this year’s party due to having our mystery activity, the haunted tent.

Over the last 2 years, Halloween has been a popular event at E-Friends with customer numbers increasing every year.  This year’s event beat the previous 2 years easily with the event filling up very quickly and having a long waiting list.

As the children arrived for the beginning of the Halloween party, it was great to see the extra effort everyone had made to dress up in costumes.  Even the staff helping out were all wearing costumes, and looking forward to a fun event.

After everyone had arrived and were sitting in their Halloween groups, we began our first activity.  Like previous years “Jack-o-lantern” making was the first activity.  We had planned on using the pumpkins we planted at open house back in May, (click here to read more) But due to the pumpkins growing too fast, we were unable to use them.  With the knowledge we have gained, hopefully we will be able to time it right for next years Halloween.  It would be great giving the children the chance of using a traditional pumpkin to make their Jack-o-lantern.

After everyone had finished making their Jack-o-lantern we all got ready to go on the Halloween walk.  This year’s walk was going to be slightly different to the previous year.  During this year’s walk the children had a few tasks to do.  The first task they had was to introduce themselves, in English of course, at the Trick or Treat table.  The children had to introduce themselves to my parents (my parents were visiting during the time we held Halloween).  The children had to use the following English “Hello, My name is …….” After they had introduced themselves they received a lolly pop.  My parents reported that all the children did a fantastic job and were very clear and loud in their introductions. Good job!

This year’s new attraction was next, “The Haunted Tent”!  Once all the groups had met up at the meeting place, we all moved towards where the spooky music was coming from.  As we approached the Haunted tent we could see dry ice billowing out from the entrance; the atmosphere of the kids was a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

It was time for the first group to enter, Witch group were the brave ones to go first, would they return?   Overall the haunted tent experience was fantastic.  The children’s reactions were great, especially from a few of the older boys who were trying to be cool, instead of scared… that was till they heard the girls in their group screaming, and non of boys wanted to go round the corner to see what was waiting for them.  Mission accomplished!

With all the excitement of the Haunted tent over, we all headed back to E-Friends house to begin the next activity “Monster hunt”.  The children did very well this year; they managed to find most of the flashcard that were hid around the children’s play area.  I think increasing the search time from 15 to 20 minutes helped a lot.

Monster hunt wasn’t finished just yet.  The children had to match all the slips of paper they had found to the correct pictures on the answer sheet.  At the beginning of monster hunt I had pre-taught all the flashcards to the children, now it was time to see if they had remembered them.  A lot of the groups did very well this year as they all scored high, matching most of the correct answers.  Although, I think a few of the parents were giving a helping hand, which is fine by me, it is good to see the parents getting involved and enjoying themselves too.

The last two activities of the night were “Eyeball bounce” and “Bobbing for apples”.  During “Eyeball bounce” the kids were very excited, with this years scores being higher than last.

My personal favourite game was next, “Bobbing for apples”, a traditional Halloween game that I used to play as a child.  This year, the children were really competitive; some of the scores that each group achieved were more than double than last year’s.  Check out the photos to see how much fun we had.

With all the activities finished and Halloween party coming to an end, we all got together to take a group photo, and then finished the night off with a big E-Friends chant.

I am already looking forward to next years Halloween party.  The reaction we got from the haunted tent was great.  I want to make an even better experience for next year, and hopefully introduce more games.

See you at the next event,

E-Friends, Tim







全員がジャコランタン作りを終えたら、ハロウィーン ウォークの準備に移りました。今年のウォークは昨年と少し違います。今年のウォークの中で子どもたちはしなければならない事がありました。はじめは、トリック オア トリートの時に英語で自己紹介をしなければなりませんでした。子どもたちは私の両親に自己紹介をしました。(ハロウィーンの時、私の両親は日本に滞在していました。)子どもたちは次の英語を使わなければなりませんでした。「こんにちは、私の名前は……です。」自己紹介した後、子どもたちはキャンディーをもらいました。私の両親が言うには、子どもたちはみんな、大きくはっきりした声でとても上手に自己紹介することが出来たそうです。Good job!(よくできました)










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